Developing a chat client in JUCE



Pretty excited to see such an interesting and promising product here so far.  Although I'm a programmer I've been into music production since the mid 90s demo scene! But I came to this forum originally looking up iOS/Android things for work to convince my boss.  But this stuff is fairly generic so I'm confident JUCE can handle it.

Anyhow, for my personal project, I'd like to develop an IRC chat client similar to X-Chat/Hexchat and wondering how difficult this would be with JUCE?  I'm mostly targeting OS X, Linux and Windows here. 






There used to be a simple chat-like demo in the previous major version of JuceDemo. There's a good chance the old code is still around somewhere online.

A simple proof of concept is good enough.  :)

Thank you. Can't wait to get into JUCE.


Might take a while to get it to build (given changes) but shouldn't be too tricky.