#Juce IRC channel on Freenode

Just a periodic reminder that there is an IRC Channel: #Juce on Freenode. 13 online at time of writing.

You can join straight from the web https://webchat.freenode.net/ but it is much nicer to have an IRC client (I use Limechat on OSX and set it to autojoin).

I think IRC complements forums nicely. Being transitory, it doesn’t cause clutter. So it’s good for general conversation / banter.

Also it’s especially good for beginners – when you are starting out you have a million questions. If each one requires posting on the forum and waiting for someone to get back to you, it’s really heavy going.


PS I’ve put a bot in the channel that announces:

  • Stack Overflow activity tagged “JUCE”
  • Forum activity
  • Tweets
  • GitHub commits
  • Activity on JUCE’s Youtube channel

Thanks, will check it out.