Presenting: the Official #Juce Channel on IRC!

Well I was going to this big long winded rollout with graphics and all sorts of cool stuff but since I am overloaded I will just spill the beans.

Juce now has its very own IRC channel on FreeNode - Jules went through the application process and and everything. I’m the channel op and I’m new so please be gentle!

use /join #Juce on FreeNode.

Thanks Vinnie!

I’ve never been an IRC user myself - it seems like a strange parallel universe to me - but I’ll try to loiter in the juce channel whenever I can!

Cool! it seems I lost my Internet last night over and over… ?

Anyone try the channel?

Just tried it out and it does indeed work! Thanks!

The advantage of this forum is that we have a persistence of the Q/A, too bad we can’t really persist Q/A that were written in a chat.

What the heck is: *** Notice – TS for #Juce changed from 1320252689 to 1317142952

Supposed to mean? I tried the ‘room’, it was empty, and I don’t see it in the FreeNode list. There also seems to be no information to confirm it’s the right place… all very confusing.

Oh well - nice to know it’s there if I’m on a roll and want some quick help. Or, I’m on a roll and want to fight with some arcane geeky internet system. :wink:


IRCBots can be used to do exactly that.

It is quite a party in #juce :]

Yes, yes it is!

Just want to let everyone know there are people in the channel, since this post might have drifted into the dustbin. So if you want to talk to other Juce-heads, #Juce on FreeNode IRC is the place to be!

Just a reminder, this channel is still available!

March 2015 -- Bump!

IRC channel is still going strong.

See you there :)


Hello everyone!

The IRC channel is looking healthy nowadays -- a decent number of people, questions get answered!

I've created a logger that dumps to http://pipad DOT org/irc/juce

I've obfuscated the URL above just to avoid web crawlers from finding it. (I've also created a robots.txt on my site telling them to avoid it).

My aim is to help get the channel moving; many (most?) people don't want a permanent connection to IRC.

Also this allows someone to ask a question, leave, someone else to join the channel, answer, maybe leave, and the original person can pick up the answer later.

I'm considering keeping the log to the most recent seven days.

TheVinn, would you consider adding the log URL to the channel topic?  Currently it isn't compliant with Freenode policy; a public log must be made clear in the topic. (if you would prefer me to remove the logger I will do so).

Also would you consider op-ing one or more of Bazrush Moala Xenakios? They have been there for years fielding questions, and it would be good to have at least one op always on the channel.


Hi Pi!

Useful log but your web server is case sensitive and needs to be upper case, it works with.. /Juce ..for anyone who get stuck.


I count 16 people currently in the channel.

This time last year it was averaging below six.

It would be nice have someone from ROLI sit in.

It would also be nice to have a couple of operators who can change the channel topic.

 I will see if I can PM TheVinn.


None of us on the team are really IRC users, but it's a good request!

The main problem for us is that it's ephemeral. If we answer a question once on the forum, then that information will stick around for other people to discover, whereas on IRC we could end up answering the same things repeatedly..

This is true.

However IRC complements forums in my experience. Certain communications are more suited to forums, others are more suited to IRC.

For example: for someone unfamiliar with bash, trying to get a shell script working may require a dozen questions on IRC, together with pastebinning console output, maybe screenshots, ... This would be impractical on a forum.

On the other hand a question such as "how to build libpython on android" may be unsuitable for IRC, as it is a long detailed process that doesn't require this bidirectional to and fro.

Sometimes I ask a question on Stack Overflow, paste the URL into IRC, have a conversation on IRC, and then answer my own question with the knowledge I have gleaned.

Additionally, one can log IRC channels. I am logging #juce.

It seems no one has yet designed a truly modern information handling system, something that merges the 'real-time' of IRC, the 'community votes things to the top' of S.O. and the 'threads' of forums. I'm going to have a crack at that one day if it ever makes it to #1 on my priority list.


Just a periodic bump to remind people that the #juce IRC channel is continuing to gain momentum.

There's currently about 25 people that regularly connect, (15 online at time of writing).

Vinnie has op'd Bazrush Xenakios and Moala.

 It's a nice community hangout so do drop in sometime and share what you're up to!


PS to connect without a client,

I've got my bot to spit out commits into the IRC channel as they happen.


18:05 piBot [github/irc3] New commit by timur-at-roli: JuceDemo: removed an unnecessary capture-by-reference from a lambda. -

18:15 piBot [github/irc3] New commit by julianstorer: Simplification/refactoring of the PopupMenu class by adding a subclass PopupMenu::Item which holds all the info about an item. You can now use this for more control over adding items and the PopupMenu::MenuItemIterator uses it to return info about existing items. -

18:15 piBot [github/irc3] New commit by julianstorer: Added a minor assertion in Viewport. -

I've also fixed my Apache server so it doesn't cache the logs ( and so now browsers don't display outdated logs.


Annual bump for the IRC channel thread :slight_smile: