Juce IRC CHAT EVENT, talk with other Juce members!

In order to drum up support for the official #Juce IRC channel (available in the Freenode network), I’m thinking to host a “social” event, where we all join the #Juce channel at the same time for an hour and talk about Juce related topics.

There are people from many different time zones, what day/time would work best? Please be sure to specify your time relative to GMT. I can be available at any time, I’m in -08:00GMT.

Also, for those of you who have interest in seeing the chat room grow, please consider keeping IRC running and staying logged-in, in the #Juce channel. I try to be in there as much as I can now.

Some topic ideas:

  • Concurrent programming
  • The new “modular” system
  • Experiences targeting iOS and/or Android devices
  • Fonts and text drawing

June 2014 now, and the channel is still alive and kicking!

Well, I haven't seen anyone kicked yet :p

Maybe see you there...


I'm in.