Device output as audio stream


Is it possible to get the output signal of my audio card in Juce?
I want to do FFT on the entire output of my audio card, rather than doing it on specific audio that I would normally load into an application.

No, Juce does not have that. You could of course use platform specific APIs yourself, if those are available. On Windows you can use WASAPI loopback capture. On macOs it’s extremely difficult to do, apparently requiring you to do a kernel driver.

WASAPI loopback is a much needed feature , it is very useful if you are writing an analyzer, which i am, or a recording app.
If you don’t have a pro audio card that has a hardware loopback device then you cant use the app in standalone mode.
im trying to figure out how to implement this for windows, any pointers will be appreciated.


I assume this is probably possible by messing around with the WASAPI itself, but I really haven’t researched it enough, as I’m building an analyzer myself. If I find something I’ll make sure to post it here.

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