Digidesign HW HD card problem

I have a client on Mac saying that audio playback is not possible with his Digidesign HW HD card and Juce. I send him the latest JuceDemo and he has the same problem.

Does anyone have seen this before? Is there anything I can have him try?


Configure the AudioDeviceManager to use the device for output?

that’s what he did, he fiddled with the active outputs on the demo but no sound. A previous release of Juce played fine on his machine.

try to find out which juce patch introduced the issue, maybe not the answer you want to hear, sorry :wink:

You say it ‘played fine’. Does it now? Maybe he upgraded his drivers and that has broken something.


I’d definitely put my money on this being a driver issue. The CoreAudio classes are very stable and have been for a long time - this doesn’t sound like a juce bug to me.

hmm, it is not a driver issue I think. Just got a message back from the client. I have send him two versions of the JuceDemo, version 1.53 build 61 and 2.0.21. The 1.53 works, but 2.0 not.

Is there anything I can have him try? I saw there are a lot of changes in the core audio file, so where to start?

Most of the changes to that class have been pretty small - if you had the device yourself, it’d probably be easy to just roll them back and see when it stops working, but if you have to send exes to a client to test, that’s a PITA. Not really sure what to suggest… Perhaps a binary-chop between the 1.53 version and the current one? Can’t take more than a few iterations to find the culprit!

I did just have a quick scan through the diffs and there’s really not much in there that looks dangerous. There is a change from last year (12/08/2011) which detects disabled devices - it could be that the digi drivers fail to implement that correctly, and the device appears to be disabled?

yes, I saw that change too. I’ll send him a version just before and after that change and report back.