Hi there :).
Does anyone implemented something like “DirectShowFormat”, which could provide audio sinks from almost any media source(hi, mp3, ac-3, AviSynth)? Correct me if I’m wrong.


Well, there is already a quicktime audio source which does all of this already.
You only need the QT SDK and QT runtime on the end user machine.



Otristan, it would be great if I could use some XXXFormat to load any media file/source and grab audio track(-s) from it, but… I see only four formats here(descendant of AudioFormat base class) and there is no any QuickTimeFormat or QTFormat among them.
The only QuickTime-related class I’ve found among JUCE classes list is QuickTimeMovieComponent which is GUI player. Sorry, but I don’t need player and I don’t need any GUI part so far. The only thing I need is to work with pure(raw) audio data.
Anyway, thanks for your reply ;).

[color=gray]I’ve found another, more powerful library: GStreamer… but it have not C++ binding so far :([/color]


look for QuickTimeAudioFormat in juce.
Don’t know why it doesn t show up in the doc though.


Thanks a lot, my friend :). If this format could handle almost all possible containers and codecs, then it’s just what the doctor ordered :).