Using the QuickTimeAudioFormat on Windows


I’d like to use juce::QuickTimeAudioFormat on Windows - but I don’t want to force the user to have the Quicktime DLL, just to gracefully fail if they don’t have it (and I don’t want to install it either).

Is there any way to do this?


It should fail gracefully already - are you saying that it doesn’t?

But I’d actually recommend not bothering with Quicktime unless you’re trying to play some kind of obscure format that DirectShow can’t support. Since Apple are even deprecating Quicktime on OSX, its future on Windows isn’t going to be too bright, and now that I’ve added the WindowsMediaAudioFormat and DirectShowComponent there’s probably not much reason to use it any more.


My binary seems to die if the quicktime DLL is missing BUT given this extremely useful fact I’m going to immediately drop using QuickTimeAudioFormat so I think this is not worth worrying about!

Since this is just audio, WindowsMediaAudioFormat is the way to go, yes?