DnD on OSX

Hi Guys,

I would like to know if there is something to set to enable DnD
from the OSX finder to a plugin window.
It works fine in StandAlone when our main window is a DocumentWindow,
but inside an host like Digital Performer or AULab in AU I don’t receive anything.

After some digging:

The window do not receive events like kEventControlDragEnter and stuff like that.
Might be related to the fact that juce do not create the hiView.

Maybe should DnD be binded to kDragTrackingEnterWindow, kDragTrackingInWindow.

Still, I dont know much the fundamental differences between the two kind of events.

Any ideas ?



Jules ? :smiley:

Hmm - yes, it’ll be because it’s not a normal juce window. I guess it needs to add some event hooks to the parent window. I’ll get on to it when I get time.

oki doki.


Hi Jules,

It would be great if you can find some time to fix this.
This is a feature that we really need for our plugs :slight_smile:

By the way, will you attend the NAMM show this year ?


No, I’m not going to NAMM, and in fact, I’ve never actually been to it before. I’ve been to most of the other big shows, but always avoided that one!

And time is something I’m very short of this month - as well as working on juce and doing a big contract that I’ve got, I’m also doing a massive refurbishment job on my flat (which is currently looking like an empty concrete shell with no running water)… so I’ve barely got enough time left to sleep! Sorry if I don’t manage to look at this soon, but I will do when I can.

and good luck with your place.

Hi Jules,

Would you be able to take a look at this issue ?
We kinda want to release soon a product that use this feature.


Hi there

Yep, I’d forgotten about this. Will do my best to look at it this week…

Actually, I’ve not tried this yet, but it might be as simple as adding

SetAutomaticControlDragTrackingEnabledForWindow (newWindow, true);

to juce_mac_Windowing.cpp, line 1977…

That did the trick, so you can apply the modification.

Thanks a lot.

Ah good… the easy fixes are my favourites.