Does anyone succeed in making JUCE and Ogre working together

Hello, there are two powerful and active open source projects for 3D graphics, Ogre3D and Irrlicht. However, both have poor 2D GUI. JUCE is just the best one to remedy this. I played a little with wxwidgets. But it’s really not beautiful and not robust as most people say. At least the datagrid widget behaves really bad on my WinXP, also the menu, keep flicking. I have no much time to figure out what’s the reason. I just downloaded the latest version. With JUCE I have no trouble, yet.:slight_smile:

I’d like to integrate JUCE with Ogre or Irrlicht. Both of them support rendering to external window or opengl context. JUCE has openglcomponent and also some other heavy weight components. I guess I should be able to make them work together. I here just want to ask if some friend has done this or something similar. (I tried Ogre already but always got exceptions. Maybe I’ll ask more question here if I think it’s relevant. )

Any information greatly appreciated!

Well, I’m sure it’s possible to glue it all together, though I’ve never had a look at either of those projects so can’t really offer much advice. Would be interested to see what you can come up with…

Well, I did succeed in making JUCE and irrlicht work together. However, I failed to do so with Ogre3D. I got some exceptions when I created a 3D context in a JUCE heavy-weight window. I’m not sure whose fault it is yet. I have inquiry this in the Ogre community. No answer yet.

What I did is simply call the irrlicht engine by passing it the handle of a native window (winXp in my case), and the rest thing is not relevant to JUCE except for the message handling. Here are two snapshots. You see the window with a title “2nd” is just a documentwindow component. I made it a desktop window so it become a heavy one. If I don’t do this, it will be light weight and I cannot use it.

Note the 3D window is a child of the bigger window but a desktop window. What I expected is it should NOT be a window detached from the parentwindow, it should be embeddable.

I don’t know if I can do this also with the heavy-weight components which contains non-toplevel window. I’d like to give a try if I can get the handle. Or maybe as I suggested in another thread, it’s convenient if JUCE is able to create an empty native window with minimal decoration. I hope Jules could generously provide this capability.[/url]