Does Avid pays to PACE for AAX code signing certification?

I’ve built my AAX plugins and it’s time to digitally sign them.

  1. I know that Avid pays to PACE for SSL certification, so do I have to buy certificate anyway?
  2. Or, Is only self signed certificate enough? Did anyone tested that?
  3. I’ve searched Juce forum and some say that if the certificate expires (1-2 year exp. date) , plugin won’t load, is that true?
  4. I’ve looked at the EDEN Wraptool manual, but didn’t understand; what is the terminal/console codes for signing (from scratch to end)?

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Remember you are under NDA with Pace and Avid, so discussing these tools publically might not be wise. Try Avid’s AAX developer forum.


I understand. I think NDA is for first & fourth questions.
What about 2 & 3?

Even if anybody would answer these questions, you should not rely on third hand information and hearsay.
Like @hill_matthew says, contact Pace and/or Avid to get information, that you can refer to if needed. I can say from experience, they both have awesome sales and support teams, that will respond to your questions.

Legal information from the internet has always the effect of a placebo, you think you are safe, because someone said so…


Whether a self signed certificate is sufficient to sign a binary I fully expect to be covered by the Pace NDA. The documentation supplied is sufficiently comprehensive to answer your questions, but I have always found Pace technical support to be very helpful.

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