Does JUCE support JACK V1 or JACK V2? (Linux/Mac/Win)

The juce_audio_devices module can be configured to enable JACK support. Which versions of JACK does JUCE Support? JACK 1, JACK 2, or both?

JACK 1 is available on MacOS. Can JUCE apps use JACK on MacOS?
JACK 2 is available on MacOS and Windows. Can JUCE apps use JACK on Windows?

There are other key differences between JACK 1 and JACK 2 for developers so it would be great to know which options are available. Thanks for any help!

Note: To check wich version of the jack server you are running, use jackd -V, but be aware that the output is a little confusing:

Which version do I have installed?
$ jackd -V
jackd version 0.124.2  # version beginning with 0 indicate JACK 1
jackdmp version 1.9.10 # version beginning with 1 indicate JACK 2

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