Drag and Drop to VST from Edison in FL Studio

Has someone succesfully implemented drag and drop for audio files in a VST so that it works with Edison in FL Studio? My plugin implements FileDragAndDropTarget and it works fine for files dropped from the windows explorer or maxOS Finder or even within FL Studio when dragged from the project explorer or from a sample. But I can’t get the function in Edison (arrow icon “Drag / copy sample / selection”) to work. isInterestedInFileDrag is called and I return true. But the drag cursor remains unchanged and filesDropped is never called for this. I know that it is possible from within a VST since other plugins made it work somehow (e.g. Serum). Any ideas? It might be a bit special but I am trying to fix it. Thanks.

Yeah I’ve had this problem for years and have never figured out why it happens.

I’ve traced it up to the windows’ IDropTarget interface. For some reason dropping a file from Edison in FL Studio results in a DropLeave() call instead of a Drop()

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Same issue here. It works in FL on macOS in my tests, but it fails on Windows.

Drag enter / leave in the JUCE plugin works, but the drag & drop mouse pointer in FL stays the same and indicates that a drop is not possible. Nothing happens when dropping the file.

The problem only happens when dragging from FL Edison wave editor.

Drag and drop from FL sample browser or from explorer works.