Drawing over components, Plugin

Hello people,
I have a question about drawing. I have a couple of standard components in my plugin editor, like sliders, buttons etc. In paint method in plugin editor I want to draw some lines, circles and shapes like that. But the problem occurs when those shapes come across those components, they are not being drawn over those components, instead they are disappearing beneath them. Is there a way to fix this, some opacity settings changes to be set, I would like those shapes to be drawn over those components.

Thank you in advance,

See https://docs.juce.com/master/classComponent.html#aa15dc77c06b5a0a4192090b4a323f79c

With that method you should be able to paint over the editors components (children). You can simply override it like the paint method.

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Thats fantastic, it works like a charm, I dont know how I missed that.
Thank you so much, I wish you and whole community a happy New Year! :slight_smile: