Possible to paint over VST3?

I’ve loaded a VST3 inside of the vst host I’m building, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to paint over the UI of the vst3 editor?

The vst loads and works fine and the editor is added as a child of my main component: addAndMakeVisible(BcRepo::audioManager->getEditor(), 0);

I am calling Repaint() in a timer thread constantly just to make sure paintOverChildren is being called, however, paintOverChildren is never called and never works for anything passed on top of the vst UI.

Note I’ve also tried adding child components to see if they can go on top, but to no avail, no combination of “.toFront()” or z-ordering algorithms seems to work.

The vst I’m loading is one I’ve made with juce and is not using OpenGL, so I’m wondering what it is that’s actually preventing the paint from working?

The VST editor is shown as a native window, because it is unknown if the loaded plugin is written in JUCE or not. The VST API (like all other plugin APIs) has no knowledge about juce types.

So the answer is the same like drawing on top of any embedded native components (like VideoComponent, WebBrowserComponent and a few more).

It might be possible to create a floating transparent window on top of the editor, similar to a PopupMenu, which is also a transparent window.
But I haven’t tried that.

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OK thanks for the insight, I’ll try messing around with it. Cheers