Dynamic library project type?

Just getting started with the Introjucer for a home project, as I really should get my head around it.

I’m trying to build a shared library for a Reaper[1] plugin. Introjucer only offers console, gui, or audio plugin. The Jucer extends on this by also adding static library (which is inconsistent with the Introjucer). Obviously I can make a static library, then futz with the targets in XCode, but that defeats the purpose of the Jucer, and will probably give me grief next time I need to make changes to the project. I could also create an audio plugin, but that brings a lot of cruft to be pruned back.

What am I missing?

[1] :frowning:

No, I don’t think the Introjucer has an option for automatically creating DLL… Internally it has all the code it needs to generate one, but I didn’t actually create a project type to handle it. (Funny that nobody has asked for that before!)