Project for both Static and Dynamic


I am working on a cross-platform library and I currently have an XCode project and a Visual Studio 2012 project. Both these projects are setup with four different configurations, building either a dynamic or static library in both release and debug. Maintaining the two projects is a pain and I want to start using the Introjucer (I already do for other projects).

My question is, would it be possible to achieve such a configuration setup with the current implementation of the Introjucer ? From what I've seen while looking at the code, it is not. If not, any chance of adding this functionality ?


Thank you very much,.


No.. The project type is a top-level property, a project can only have one type.

I'm pondering this kind of thing at the moment - it seems like there are situations where it'd be handy to be able to have this sort of behaviour. It'd be non-trivial to change it though, I doubt if I'll make any such changes in the near future.

Thanks for the quick answer. I'll see how I can do that otherwise. Still love the Introjucer.