Dynamic loading of Components

Hi all,
I discovered Juce a few days ago & now plan to use it for programming experimental software for research on auditory perception because these softwares are to be shared to XP & osx users (and may be linux also).

I’ve done some test of the audio capacity and decided that it fills my needs.

One question remains to me: is there any way to dynamically load (i.e. at run-time) some components (for exemple for a non vst kernel/plugin system)? Of course the Components to be loaded will be compiled on the target platform.

If it is possible I would apreciate a piece of code…

sorry for my poor english writing (hopefully you haven’t heard me!)

Thanks in advance & thanks for this great cross-platform API!
Sylvain Clément

Glad you’re enjoying it, and keep me posted with your software, as I’ve a passing interest in auditory perception.

There’s no dynamic loading mechanism at the moment, it’s all statically linked. I’ve occasionally considered writing an interface for hosting UI components dynamically, but it’d be quite a lot of work, and I’ve never really had a compelling reason to do it yet.