Edit CTRL keys not working in Projucer

I’m running Projucer 4.2.1 (from JUCE 4.2.2) on a 64 bit Windows 10 Home.

Problem: The CTRL keys in Edit don’t work (e.g. ctrl + Z or ctrl + c).

I tried both the one from “Download JUCE for Windows” and those I build with VS 2015 Community.

What can be wrong ?


You mean in the text editor?

It is both in the Text Editor and Subcomponents,

They work if I go to the Edit menu and select e.g. Copy, Paste, Undo etc. But ctrl +z or ctrl+c etc. don.t work.

I have a synergy (http://symless.com/synergy/) running as server on the PC. If I, after the PC is booted, stop and start synergy then the ctrl keys works in Projucer !?!?

Well, clearly sounds like this 3rd party thing doing something dodgy to intercept keypresses!