Embedded Fonts OS X (TrueType)


I'm using Typeface::createSystemTypefaceFor() to load an embedded TTF font from BinaryData and have noticed that with the latest version of OS X (Yosemite) an incorrect font is being substituted in the Plugin GUI. We haven't seen this previously with earlier versions of OS X, has anyone else experienced this? 



I'm seeing the same problem. Under OS X 10.10.2, Logic X 10.1 draws fonts differently to Logic 9, Live 9 and my own standalone version of the plugin. I'm replacing the default SansSerif in my LookAndFeel, but oddly the default monospaced font is wrong too. It looks like the colours are different.

There were two things that were causing this problem for me. First was the disabling of anti-aliasing fonts in CoreGraphics (fixed by Jules in commit 74f8c9b, via another forum thread).

And secondly, in my AudioProcessorEditor constructor, I added the setting of the default look and feel on the desktop instance with Desktop::getInstance().setDefaultLookAndFeel(customLookAndFeel); to ensure that my overriden getTypefaceForFont actually gets called, i.e. my look and feel setup looks like this:

customLookAndFeel = new CustomLookAndFeel();

I dunno if that's correct but my fonts are now right.


it's interesting... that Desktop trick made it work for me too... what can be the reason? Anyway thanks for the tip!