Embedding images at compile time



for a project i’m working on, i need to implement GUI widgets based on bitmap graphics. i see that it is straightforward to load such images at runtime but it would be much more elegant to embed them into the application at compile time. i’m sure, it has been done before but i can’t find any documentation or forum thread that deals with it. can someone enlighten me?


Binary Builder, right there in the Juce source tree. :smiley:

I don’t remeber the methods for loading it (image::getFromMemory?) right now, but you can load a background image in the Jucer and see how it’s done.


aha. thanks. will look into it.


ah. i think i figured it out. i don’t even need the binary builder - the jucer creates the same stuff, too and embedds the arrays into the generated code. thanks for the help!