BinaryBuilder Question


I don’t know quite how it works after everything has been changed into binary code (arrays?), or how it is loaded into the application to be used, but here’s what I’d love to do…

Is there a way to ‘embed’ a dll into my app with BinaryBuilder? I wouldn’t think so, since dll are read from memory (from what I know), but it’d be cool if it was doable.


The binary builder is mostly for embedding things such as images or audio into your apps.

I don’t know why you’re trying to embed a dll. I don’t think that’s actullay possible, but even if it were, it somewhat defeats the purpose of a dll.

If you want to statically link to the dll’s code, you need to do it before the dll is compiled. Otherwise just link to it dynamically.

For using the builder with images, just run it as you have been, then include the generated header file into your project. What you’ll have is a block of memory that is addressable by name. You can then use ImageCache:getFromMemory() to return an image instance from the memory block.

Well, it would mostly be for dll’s that I’d rather have as static-linked libraries, but are distributed as dll’s. An example here is SDL, which gives out sdl.dll. I know I could build it myself, but it would be nice to have the standard library precompiled.

I’ve seen apps that do this before, somehow loading the dll into memory (as BinaryBuilder lets you do with images and what not) and reading from the memory instead of an actuall .dll file.