Error building Plugin Host


I've just tried to build the Plugin Host in Visual Studio 2015 and got the following error.

~1>e:\juce\modules\juce_audio_processors\format_types\juce_vst3headers.h(113): error C2374: 'iid': redefinition; multiple initialization (compiling source file ..\..\..\..\modules\juce_audio_processors\juce_audio_processors.cpp) 1> e:\vst3 sdk\base\source\baseiids.cpp(56): note: see declaration of 'iid' (compiling source file ..\..\..\..\modules\juce_audio_processors\juce_audio_processors.cpp)

It relates to

DEF_CLASS_IID (ISizeableStream)

in juce_VST3Headers.h.

I can eliminate the error by commenting out the line but I'd be surprised if it wasn't caused by some other problem.



Oh yes, that's a change introduced by Steinberg in the newest version 3.6.5 of the VST SDK which broke our code.

I'm on it and will let you know when this is fixed.

Should be fixed now, please update to the newest tip.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Apologies, I'm a beginner. I'm not sure what you mean by the newest tip.

It means that in your JUCE git repository, you should do "git pull".

Thanks for all your help.