Error scanning for VST3 plugins with AudioPluginHost

I’m working through the tutorials, I’m running AudioPluginHost.jucer,
it compiles and runs, but when I scan for local VST3 plugins, I get a bug in Xcode:

IPluginFactory* JUCE_CALLTYPE getPluginFactory()
    if (factory == nullptr)
        if (auto proc = (GetFactoryProc) getFunction ("GetPluginFactory"))
            factory = proc();

    // The plugin NEEDS to provide a factory to be able to be called a VST3!
    // Most likely you are trying to load a 32-bit VST3 from a 64-bit host
    // or vice versa.
    jassert (factory != nullptr);
    return factory;

In the second last line, the jassert(factory != nullptr), the code is breaking with the error Pool(15): EXC_Breakpoint

I’m not sure how to get past this, any help would be greatly appreciated

I’m running Xcode 10.2

It’s really hard to guess without more details… Before anything, the comment atop the jassert might give some insights.

Ok the comment makes sense. But is Juce creating a 32 bit VST3 plugin or a 64 bit plugin? I’m guess that my computer is 64 bit

That really makes 0 difference because you can run 32bit plugins in a 64bit OS, and JUCE can build for either architecture.

By default, JUCE is building for 64bit architectures.

What it looks like to me is that your host is a 32bit DAW.