JUCE host unable to load VST3 plugins in Windows 10 / VS2017

This is my first time trying to load a VST3 plugin into the JUCE host. I’ve built the default “Hello World” audio plug-in successfully as the .vst3 file is created in my project’s VST3 folder. After copying this file to the proper location under C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3, I then attempt to scan and load within the JUCE host.

At this point I am met with a message stating “Scan Complete. Note that the following files appeared to be plugin files, but failed to load correctly: myplugin.vst3”

I have seen that this is has been an issue for other forum users who happen to be working in OSX / xcode and have fortunately been able to find a solution by changing their “Deployment Target” setting in the Projucer configuration. However, this setting is apparently not an option for Windows users.

I’m not sure what alternatives I could try as Ableton (my DAW) doesn’t yet support VST3 and even so I am hearing from others that they are encountering this issue when trying to load plugins into other DAWs such as Studio One. Obviously testing as a standalone plugin doesn’t work either as there is no way to process audio input.

To me this seems like far too significant of an issue to be universal to all Windows 10 / VS2017 users, so something must be wrong on my end… right?

You could try loading the VST3 in REAPER - it’s free for evaluation purposes.

Maybe that won’t be very enlightening, but it would at least clarify whether the problem is in the plug-in or the JUCE host.

What are you hearing? Loading your plug-in or other VST3s?

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Are you using the same CPU architecture (32 or 64 bit) for both the JUCE host and the plugin? The JUCE plugin hosting does not do bit bridging.

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Solved: I’m not sure what exactly was the fix but I updated JUCE (I had a previous version running), re-built the host and a test plugin under “Release” and as a 64-bit application. This seemed to work for both the JUCE host and Ableton 10.1 (running as a beta tester). Thanks to all who commented!

@xenakios where should I set CPU architecture?

Vst3 is64 bits already. I have the same exact problem with both debug and release versions of the host. O ended up using Steinberg’s own Vst3 host and that works.