How to make a vst3 out of a vst plugin

I wanted to test vst3 plugins in my system so I tried to change the arpeggiator plugin into a vst3 merely by setting the JucePlugin_Build_VST in appconfig.h to 0 and JucePlugin_Build_VST3 to 1, and changing the file suffix to .vst3.

However when scanning for vst3-plugins the plugin host halts at the assert below

IPluginFactory* JUCE_CALLTYPE getPluginFactory()
if (factory == nullptr)
if (GetFactoryProc proc = (GetFactoryProc) getFunction (“GetPluginFactory”))
factory = proc();

    // The plugin NEEDS to provide a factory to be able to be called a VST3!
    // Most likely you are trying to load a 32-bit VST3 from a 64-bit host
    // or vice versa.
    jassert (factory != nullptr);
    return factory;

Is there more to do than merely setting JucePlugin_Build_VST3 and changing the suffix to produce a vst3 plugin? Both host and plugins are x64 and building and using the arpeggiator as vst (non vst3) is no problem.

How about setting the plug-in type in the Projucer? This should create a .vst3 automatically, and it’s a tried and tested method.

Yes, that’s definitely a workable solution, I guess I’m more of a know your code-person than a choose the right tool-guy, that’s why I asked. And to give anyone who thinks there shouldn’t be more to change, a chance to contemplate the assertion. :slight_smile: