My VST3 files get buildet wrongly

Hi there, im having problems with mi builded .vst3 files, no host can read them as a VST plug-in. The compile process finish without any errors and even i can debug the standalone mode of the plug-in succesfully. But the .vst3 builded files seems to get builded with a wrong format
First i thoght that it was a 64bit over 32bit problem , even when i try it on the Juce’s Audio Plug-in Host im getting the following error “The plugin NEEDS to provide a factory to be able to be called a VST3! Most likely you are trying to load a 32-bit VST3 from a 64-bit host or vice versa.”
But i can confirm that my .vst3 and the host app are both 64bit files… So i think the problem is somewhere else, maybe in my IDE settings (im using VS 2019). I also tested my .vst3 file in the VST3PluginTestHost and it can’t read it. I looks like im building the vst3 project with a wrong format.

Im using:
-VST3 SDK 3.6.14
-Projucer 5.4.7
-Visual Studio Studio 2019

Any suggestions please? Thanks!

Hi, just to say that I made it work by resetting all Visual Studio 2019 settings.