Exporting from 5.4.x skips preprocessor defs for Xcode?

We recently started having strange behavior in our project using JUCE 5.4.x (tried both 5.4.5 and 5.4.7): the Extra Preprocessor Definitions in the exporter for Xcode (MacOS) no longer includes our definitions in the resulting project. We’ve deleted the Builds and JuceLibraryCode folders, and re-exported, but every time it comes up without those (critical!) definitions. I tried moving them to the Release configuration for that exporter, but that didn’t help. I can’t put them in the main project settings, because these only apply for Release builds, and would prevent us from using the Debug builds for testing. Anyone seen this before, or know what might be happening, or any way to resolve it?

Never mind. What’s going wrong is NOT the exporting, but rather the LAUNCHING of the plugin project in Xcode, somehow. If I just export/save, and then manually launch the correct project, everything is as it should be! Bizarre!