Exporting tracktion_engine::Plugin as an external plugin


Some context:
I’m in the early stages of building a mobile app using the Tracktion Engine. I’m still figuring out the possible architecture. The app should be able to load audio processor graphs on the fly. I also want sound designers in the team to contribute to these graphs, outside of the app, to build a presets library, using our own processors (audio or midi).

The design I have in mind at the moment, is to wrap all processors as plugins, and allow the sound designers in my team to edit their plugin graphs within a waveform Rack and save them as .trkpreset files. The app would then load these Rack preset files, pointing to builtin versions of the plugins.

My question:
I obviously want to avoid duplicating the plugins’ code. If I implement the plugins as te::Plugin subclasses, is there a way to wrap that code for exporting to external plugins? (vst, vst3 or AU).