Loading a custom ExternalPlugin

I’ve created an ExternalPlugin and would like it to load when it is saved in a edit. How do I add my plugin to the knownPluginList for the engine so that it get’s loaded? Is this possible?

Figured it out. Using createBuiltInType from pluginManager. I was able to add it to the plugin menu with help from the examples.

I thought the built in type things were for the internal plugins. (I could be wrong though) I think I just used a juce plugin scanner to scan my .vst3 directory and load external Plugins into the known plugin list (I think I used the juce plugin list component that is used in the plugin demo as well)

Yes, you are correct. However, I’m inheriting from te::ExternalPlugin with my custom plugin. It’s only used for things i’m doing in the engine.

You probably shouldn’t be inheriting from te::ExternalPlugin, that contains a lot of VST/AU/VST3 specific code and assumes an underlying juce::AudioProcessor.

You probably just want to subclass te::Plugin?
(I will probably make ExternalPlugin final unless you have a strong reason for using it?)

I actually noticed that already and figured as much! I have changed to te::Plugin. It does everything I need.

Cool, I’ll get ExternalPlugin changed to final then to avoid any confusion in future. Thanks!

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