Using an AudioProcessor or AudioSource as a Tracktion Engine plugin


If I have an JUCE AudioProcessor or AudioSource, is there any way to wrap it into a Tracktion Engine plugin?

I saw this earlier forum post but I’m not sure that the answer was conclusive:


You probably want to just subclass tracktion_engine::Plugin and then register that subclass with the engine. Then you can use that subclass to wrap your existing functionality.

That’s how most of the built-in plugins work so have a look at those for examples?


Yeah, that’s what I was doing, I was just having this feeling of “there has to be a simpler way of doing this” :slight_smile:

(Not that subclassing Plugin was particularly hard, I just would have thought that re-using JUCE AudioProcessors to be such a common use case that there would be some kind of built-in wrapper)