...external libraries

Hey there,

is there any list of external libraries that you really NEED to successfully compile JUCE?
I read somewhere that you can just comment out lines in the config file… but, well…:

#undef OS_CODE
#undef fdopen
#include “zlib/zlib.h”
#undef OS_CODE
#include <zlib.h>

… you still end up having to provide that file. It’s the same with the jpeglib and pnglib libraries
it seems. Is there a list somewhere? Or am I missing something really trivial here? It’s getting
tedious :frowning: .


Why not just use the embedded versions of these libs?

…umm, care to enlighten me? :oops:

You don’t need any external libs. They’re embedded in the juce code itself. Just hit ‘build’.

I don’t understand what would make you think you’d need to mess about with these things to get it working?

Alright, I re-downloaded the source, opened the VS build project and “just hit built”… and well,
it worked this time!

Now I created a project, set all the includes/libraries and he’s asking for a QTMLClient.lib ,
which doesn’t exist anywhere. All the paths are set correctly…?

Gosh, thanks so far! :roll:

That’s a quicktime lib - if you’ve not got QT, that’s a flag you can disable (thought it was disabled by default…?)

Ya, I just figured… am rebuilding it. Let’s see…

(The flag was set by default)

Alright, I got it working. Thank you!

Just to not open another thread… I think I have a feature request as well. It seems like there’s no abstraction of the broadcaster/listener mechanism like there is in Qt with signals/slots. Could you implement something more general along the lines of that design pattern (observer? handler? Don’t remember…)? Or have I just missed something in the documentation?

As it stands right now I’d have to implement my own callbacks or use the Boost librarys’ signals n slots. A GUI framework being event-driven … it could provide that, no? I mean, it’d be using the same mechanism internally, no?

I’m still relatively new to the art of programming - so, again, thanks alot for your time! :slight_smile:

Have you looked through the classes in the ‘events’ folder?