Fair price for a JUCE freelancer + prototyping


I’m a musician with strong programming skills in Python (mostly for data science because of my work) but very weak skills in C++. I started learning JUCE but I’m still a beginner.

I want to develop VSTs and hire freelancers to help me. The freelancers would make a clean code base so I can work on the UI (easy for me) and maybe edit the algorithms if needed.

The VST would help musicians trigger specific one shot samples with tailored effects so it sounds great

The VST would feature:

  • a sample loader, and the midi input would trigger the sound
  • multiple effects (eq, saturation, reverb, ability to layer noise). These are basic effects but each one will be defined precisely and I will provide the algorithms to use for each effect, with audio examples
  • a preset library (ability to save presets & load other ones)
  • protection against piracy? I still don’t know how to handle it but a basic protection would be more than enough in my opinion.

I would provide a clear technical document with every aspect of the plugin clearly explained (as a software developer myself I know this is important!) & a Figma design.

In your opinion, which budget should I spend for this work? I know it depends on the freelancer, but I’d like to know how many days/hours you would spend on a project like that so I can convert it in $ based on mean hourly rates.

Also, how can I prototype it? With python scripts? With max for live?

Thank you for your help and have a nice day!