Looking for Hiring VST Developer

Hey there, we are looking for a guy that could work with us long term on developing free VST plugins for our audio blog. My budget would be 2000$ for the plugin that is about medium difficulty.

Since I’m starting I’m not sure what’s the exact process, but I heard it’s something like -

  1. I share with you the design of the plugin we want to do
  2. You would work on the audio side
  3. Then, we work on it until it’s pefect (am I right or missing something?)

Let me know if it sounds good to you, or we could discuss this further.

(And if I’m wrong about how it works, please let me know anyway)

Thanks so MUCH

Don’t want to sound rude but 2000$ will probably not get you anything unless this is a one or two week job which I suppose medium difficulty is not.


good to know, at least I know numbers

I was just curious, aren’t there any people going under price? I mean it’s in many industries, but this one seems it’s a exception? For example - when me as a starter want to get some job, I take any job, to get things running, and maybe get some good feedback. Though, this coding stuff seems like people are too picky (not to say that they don’t deserve that). I just mean that it seems like this space is extremely demanded and get a lucrative job / projects right away.

But as I said, I definitely have budget for this, just need to think about this twice first

Not saying this won’t happen. Just wanted to let you know that you might not get any answer.

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but on the other side still it’s kinda risky, when you think like 22K for a plugin, that you don’t even know if will sound good/work well, it’s scary :smiley: but got your point

I think it is great to start with your budget and see if you get something sounding well/does what you expect.
That budget should get you with some intermediate one week, at my usual rate it is 2 1/2 days.

Making an appealing GUI can become a time sink, depending how precious you are with looks.

And the final deployment with hurdles like codesigning/notarisation and creating installers can also easily eat days up to a week.
Although if you find somebody who has that doen before and can easily copy stuff together, that can reduce the risk.
If the developer never shipped a plugin, that’s the phase where you should expect dragons.

Just be aware that it might not be ready for release at that point, but best to get in steps/milestones anyway, especially when you don’t know the developer yet (and they don’t know you either).

Good luck!


Also, you might want to move this to the Jobs category of this forum, that’s where anyone seeking for a paid job will look for in the first place

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True, although this discussion would not have been possible on the jobs category, because the system auto closes every post on the jobs board.
While there are good reasons for that behaviour there, I think it was good to get a conversation going about expectations.


Valid point, I thought about it as well. I mentioned it at this point of the conversation, because some of the discussion has already been done, and moving it to that category could make it a little more visible to people interested.


I checked this category and there are NO replies for any posts, just 1 reply that post has been closed… weird

If we don’t automatically close threads there we get flooded with spam, people posing their personal email addresses publicly, and people responding to posts that are several years old. Job adverts usually have a contact email you can use, or you can send a private message using the forum.