Feature Request: Colour management of ShapeButton class

Hi everybody,

it would be really neat if the ShapeButton class could use the standard setColour(ColourId, Colour) method.

It stores four colours as private members, which looks like a really oldschool implementation (almost every other Component uses setColour() / findColour()).

And I would love to change the colour of the drop shadow as well, so an additional ColourId 'dropShadowColour' would be awesome.

Also, you can't use it as ToggleButton without changing the colours in the button callback, so maybe another ColourId ('buttonOnColour') would save some typing.

If nobody at ROLI has the time to do this, I could write it myself (it doesn't seem that complex) so you guys only have to check it in.




Everybody writes its own class for that because ShapeButton is quite useless at the moment. It should be rewritten with more coloursID and its paint methods moved to the LookAndFeel. Otherwise mark it depreciated and throw it away sometime :)

Jules was not really motivated to modernize it last year :)