More colours for ShapeButton states, or a move to lookandfeel

It would be nice to be able to set the colours of ShapeButton for more button states, something as :

void ShapeButton::setColours (Colour newNormalColour, Colour newOverColour, Colour newDownColour, Colour newDisabledColour
                  , Colour newNormalOnColour, Colour newOverOnColour, Colour newDownOnColour, Colour newDisabledOnColour)

cause without the disabled and ON colours, it's often that ShapeButton can't be used.
Or perhaps better, its paintButton() should call a lookandfeel method which would use eight ShapeButton::ColoursIDs,
and the already existing setColours() fonction should be marked as depreciated and modified to just set 3 colourIDs.

Yeah.. I've usually found myself just writing my own custom versions of ShapeButton when I need it to do something a bit more specific than just being a plain shape. It's such a trivial class anyway that a custom version of it is only a couple of dozen lines of code.

Well, I don't want something specific, just a plain shape, but still can't use this class.
It's useless for now just because it can't be used for toggles and can't be disabled (both things won't be seen just because of colors).
I think this class could still be usefull, plain shapes are quite common, but only if it was given a lookandfeel method.