Feature requests for the Projucer

Hello guys ! I would like to request two features for the Projucer :

  • Sometimes, when I open a project and do save + open in the IDE right after, I get an error telling me that something is wrong, but the IDE still opens the project. Would it be possible to catch the error and not open the IDE in this case ?
  • On Mac OS X, when I associate jucer files with the Projucer, it is possible to double-click on a project which allows the Projucer to be executed, and the project to be opened. However, in this case, the Projucer opens also the last project which has been opened. And if the same project has been opened before, I get the project opened twice in two different windows. Would it be possible to have the Projucer open only the project selected when it is double clicked in the Finder ?

Thanks in advance !

Could you please provide a bit more info about your first point? What does the error message say?

I’ll add these to the backlog.

Hello ! I’m talking about any error message in general. For example, what happened to me once is that I had a Projucer project made on Mac OS X, I copied it on my Windows computer and tried to do “save + open in IDE”. I got an error message because the path of the JUCE modules was wrong, and then Visual Studio was opened with the project.

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