Opening .jucer files from Finder fails if Projucer isn't already running

With latest version of Projucer (5.4.7 build date 10 Feb 2020) on macOS Catalina. I have not tested on any other systems.

Attempting to open a jucer file from Finder fails unless Projucer is already running. The Finder window containing the jucer file loses focus, which appears to indicate that Projucer is about to open, but it does not actually open.

If Projucer is already running then opening the jucer file from the Finder works as I’d expect: focus switches to Projucer and the jucer file is opened.

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I have the same experience on Catalina.

Does it work from Terminal if you issue open yourfile.jucer?

edit: my guess is “no”, I never used Finder to open jucer files until just now, and it worked as expected.

Check on one of the jucer files by right clicking and choosing ‘Get Info’ that you see this:


If it doesn’t, try to update it so that the Projucer is the default.