Filing bug report for Apple's GarageBand (iOS)

I was wondering if anyone know where should I report a bug for GarageBand on iOS?

I have to admit with all the Apple teams and services it’s quite confusing.

Check this post : Bugs in M1 Logic Pro Itself - #12 by mfritze

You could I suppose just PM @mfritze about your bug report, but it’s worthwhile to join the seed program in order to get early access to the new versions of Logic for testing, and iirc there is a bug report mechanism included in joining that too.

We only to seeds for Logic Pro/MainStage when something changes in the Audio Unit code, which potentially needs testing by developers.

General feedback, which can include bug reports, can be filed via Product Feedback - Apple by users.

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So this should be filed under CoreAudio?

No GarageBand their. though I guess this discussion is more relevant to the Apple forums.

All apps are there, including GarageBand iOS: