iOS support? Anyone?

I’m having a difficult time trying to get answers from the team regarding some iOS issues. We were told not to bother the crew by tagging which I’m OK with of course, but my latests iOS related posts are desperately unanswered.

My biggest concern being AUv3 instruments which simply won’t work in GarageBand, and lately, the AudioPluginDemo which even no longer works in AUM (and of course GarageBand). Effects work fine.

[AudioPluginDemo, no sound in GarageBand (iOS)]

And this. Because, the Projucer really gets in the way of publishing an iOS app.

[iOS projects need a real numerical build number]

Any clue greatly appreciated.

We’re looking at them.

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Just to note on the second point, on Android there is a separate “version number” and version string.

I use a pre-build script to automatically add a build number for iOS projects, which circumvents this issue.

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