Finally finished my first JUCE/Tracktion Engine project (3-D printed portable DAW/Synth/Sampler/Sequencer)!

I recently finished up (well, I’m calling it finished) my 3-D printed portable DAW/synth/sampler/sequencer thing I’ve been working on off and on for the past few months just as a fun little learning project.

Here is a link to a video showcasing some features:

This was my first (non-arduino) C++ project and started just as a way to learn some basic C++. It was my first time working with juce doing any kind of audio development and I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out. I am very thankful to this great community of developers who take time throughout their busy days to help people on this forum.

I would especially like to thank @dave96 and @RolandMR for always responding to my posts regarding the tracktion engine and helping me through my issues.

Both JUCE and the tracktion engine are amazing collections of software and it’s incredible how easy it is to get started with the great tutorials and examples. Being completely new to audio development was quite a jarring experience with what how little there is out there about it but juce and the tracktion engine made it easy.


That is super cool. What is your plans for it, just something fun you made for yourself? Will it eventually be a product?

I’m not too sure yet. Right now it’s basically just a hobby project but I may develop it further.

Cool project!

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Awesome! do you mind if we ask what you’re using for the screen / computer inside? Rasp Pi?

Don’t mind at all it’s a raspberry pi with a hyperpixel 4 screen. Buttons and encoders are connected to a teensy sending midi to the pi

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Really cool…
What distro are you on - Erpiam?
Why teensy and not let the pi scan the hardware?


It’s the regular raspberry pi OS (what used to be called raspbian). Screen takes up all the pins on the pi so that’s the main reason for using the teensy.

This is such a charming project. I am really impressed!

Thank you for the kind words!

This is sick! Looks like it’s been influenced a bit by the OP-1?

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This is so dope! Awesome job!!

Yeah was definitely heavily influenced by the OP-1

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Outstanding :clap:

Really cool, nice work!

Impressive, it’s amazing what we can do with modern tools.