Firebase and iOS push notifications

I’m trying to use firebase as a cross platform service to send push notifications.
The problem is, I’m not able to receive test messages with my development iPhone. Questions that I have are:

  1. Do I need to add the Firebase SDK to my app? I only want to receive messages. From what I understand the juce PushNotifications class is sufficient for this, right?

  2. Do I need to add any extra data to my app? Firebase offers a plist file. Do I need to add that to my project or is that just for sending?

So far I did this without success:

  • I created an iOS app in Firebase
  • I added an APNs Auth Key to that app, which seems to be the modern way instead of certificates.
  • I copied the device token I get from juce and tried sending a test message to it.

When I use Pusher, like recommended in the tutorial, I am able to receive a test notification.