Juce 5.2 Push Notifications

I’m so glad you guys added Push Notifications. This is huge for maintaining a thriving user base. Thanks…

One question: There is no mention of Server Side client. Is this something we host ourselves, or is there a dedicated hosting platform for this? Or are you using a service for this?

Yup, you need to take care of server side yourself. As an alternative, you could use for instance Firebase Cloud Messaging which supports both iOS and Android or use a similar service.

If using Firebase, for iOS you would need to integrate their iOS SDK, for Android it will work out of the box in JUCE - just enable remote notifications and provide the config file from Firebase:

Once you have Firebase working on either iOS or Android, you can send notifications from their console:

To test whether your application is configured properly and handles remote notifications, you could also send an HTTPS request to FCM directly, an example sending a notification to an iOS device using curl:

curl --header "Authorization: key=<your_key>" --header Content-Type:"application/json" https://fcm.googleapis.com/fcm/send  -d "{\"to\":\"<device_token>\",\"priority\":\"high\",\"notification\": {\"title\": \"Update available\",\"text\": \"New update is now available, do you want to update?  \",\"click_action\":\"yesNoCategory\"}}"

Furthermore on iOS you could use Pusher app that we used for tests too: https://github.com/noodlewerk/NWPusher

Great info…I wonder if I could extend this framework to other functions, like using Firebase to store In-App purchase information. This would allow us to offer discounts to customers who purchased our other apps. So far Apple provides no way to do this, but with Firebase, it seems possible.

Yup, good thinking. You can do that with Firebase.