Font Fallback, we're hiring

Sorry Jules to bother you again about it, just can’t let it rest.
We need the font fallback the way it worked before, if you do a quick search on your forum for ‘font fallback’ you’ll notice how many threads there actually are regarding this issue.
A couple of links to forum posts are found at the end of this post.

I’m trying to find a way to tell you this might be an important thing to focus on as i’m obviously not your only client that faces these problems.
If you are not willing to do anything about this (as you stated before) i would like to hereby ask for help for anyone that could help us to get the font fallback working in the juce 1_53 version. Anyone that likes to take on this job should contact me directly (edwin AT resolume DOT com).
More info about us can be found on our site:

A quick overview of posts dealing with the font fallback issue:

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Has the font rendering code changed in the last few months?

What an odd coincidence that we were writing about font stuff at the same time.
Just replying to give a friendly bump to the top for the respectable call to arms to get font fallback working on older versions of Juce.

Sonic, as it seems that you are more than qualified to make this fallback work might you be interested to work on this when we pay you for it?

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to take on any paid jobs. Best of luck finding someone!

still no font fallback (display multiple languages in one texteditor) after 10 years?

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