Fonts are half-size on OSX 10.4


We’ve recently updated to the latest version of Juce (the last time we did a complete update was in October last year). Unfortunately, we need to maintain compatibility with OSX 10.4, so that is what our Deployment Target is set to. The problem is, all of our fonts are now rendered at half-size. If we set the deployment target to 10.5, they are rendered correctly. I’ve tracked this down to the code in juce_graphics/native/

There are two versions of the OSXTypeFace class in this file. With the Deployment target set to 10.5, the first instance is used, and with it set to 10.4, the second instance is used. With the deployment target set to 10.4, the value that ends up in fontHeightToPointsFactor is half of what ends up in there with 10.5.

Has anybody else seen this, or have we broken something locally and I just can’t find it?

Kind Regards,

Damn! Thanks, I’ll sort that out…

Ok, should be fixed now… let me know if not!


I’ve integrated that change across to our code, and it’s all working great - thanks for the quick fix!

Charles :smiley: