For the ones that dreams a collaborative way of juceing

This is my juced trunk. I’ve established a new “src/juce_extended” in which i put all my engine for the jucetice plugins and a lot of other juce interfacing to external libraries. The idea is to keep in sync with the main juce trunk (to have all the new Jules additions and fixes) and have the chance to get more classes and fast support thru the ticketing system and bug report service. And a collaborative Subversion trunk.

I think this is the time to explore and extend JUCE in a collaborative and shared way. A lot of people (like me) would love to see this starts now !

EDIT: i switched to google code mainly because of assembla limitations, sorry for that, now everything is up and running again !

Hi kraken,

What license do you plan to use ? As you know, many people are using Juce for closed-source stuff – with Juce it is ok because Jules owns the copyright of all juce code, so he is free to offer non-gpl licensing to those who are willing to pay, but a “juce extended” repository that is GPL only is not of any use for us (evil closed-source plugin authors)

well, i’m not addressing closed sources stuff. i’m trying to make angelic part (GPL) available for linux and other open source projects: doing this for the open source juce coders community.

all the others can dig a hole under the sun to hide their code :smiley:

ok, no problem – I just wanted to make sure that everything was clear !

Excellent! Anyway…
Kraken, vedo che sei di venezia. Io sono di vicenza. Sto collaborando con un amico che studia a bologna con lo scopo di creare l’ennesimo sequencer-host con juce. Un po’ come hai fatto tu per jost. Però la cosa sarà crossplatform (win-mac-linux). E includerà supporto per osc e arduino. Oltre a questo vogliamo fare dei plugins “interni”.
Se ti va di darci una mano… anche solo per qualche consiglio…

Sorry for those who don’t speak italian…

Why create another sequencer-host based on juce when we can make jost to compile on win/mac (it will be easy afterall if you develop on those platforms) and we can extend it togheter ?

Done! But I tried many times to compile jost on ubuntu and I failed. I got some compile errors in a few sources. By the way, are you the only jost developer? I work primarly on winzozz. My friend is a debian programmer. I’m planning to buy a mac.
If you agree, we can port it to all platforms and extend it!
That would be wonderful!
I’m studying electronic music at the conservatorio of castelfranco veneto. But I have some courses (dsp) in padova with Nicola Bernardini and in venice with Alvise Vidolin. Maybe you know them.
I’m working with many composers (electronic) who use diferent operating systems and it always has been a problem to find a good crossplatform software.
I’ll contact you via the jost site!

Well, the point of the juced is also to keep jost and the juce plugins out there in a shared place with versioning and tickets systems. I opened everything i have here cause it can grow as more people get involved. You can hack everything, and obviusly patches are welcome ! Also, you can start registering in assembla and the juced project, and i’ll give you the SVN write bit.

Actually i’m getting some help from other people, now trying to build the plugins for windows you can find in the apps directory of the juced trunk.

Nice, it’s interesting have some more people near me that study electronic music, loves juce and still like to code audio applications… maybe we can get togheter for a beer or two :slight_smile:

Hey Kraken! I tried to compile jost with the manage system. It failed. Here you can find the log:
P.S. What do you think about an integration of pd (pure data) in jost?
Kinda max in live…

can you check if you got ladspa.h somewhere in /usr/include ?
can you please do a svn update and see what happens now ? you can update here, for beter tracking (i opened a trac place to better track things like this!):

about pure data… well yes would be cool to write a juce frontend for pure data, both standalone and as a juce plugin. i’ll think about it !

Uh yeah! Sorry dude I forgot to install the ladspa-sdk lib!
It’s compiling now…
Oh no!
Now I’m missing sqlite3. But I have already got it with apt…

mmmh that is strange. the manage system should disable support for the libraries that doesn’t find in the system. i must look more deeply into this

Yeah! It seems it was apt… I reinstalled the sqlite with synaptic.
I did it!!!
Now I’m gonna try jost

Coooool! If I only had born a few years earlier… I would probably have coded something like jost!
The Idea of using a plugin for sequencing is awesome.
But I think (and this will be the second thing I’ll be working on - the first one is a porting to win) that jost needs a playlist for the sequences.
Now I have 2 exams and I don’t have enough time, but in 3 days I’ll start my contribution!
Ciao Lucio!

yeah, i’m thinking about rewriting the sequencer in order to let you visualize and sequence more parts (making complete songs) and accept wave sequencing too (i have some code flying around here i only have to engineer all that togheter).