My plug is done, now what?

So, the pattern arp I’ve been pestering you guys about seems to now be in a state of completion. I made a post on KvR and got some nice feedback(here) and took care of the last remaining buggage.

But what should I do with it now?

I don’t have any good web space to post stuff like this for longer periods. Are there any open VSTi repositories out there? I suppose I could chuck it up on source forge but that seem like overkill.
Perhaps something JUCE centric could be set up? Or maybe not. I don’t know. It just seems a shame that it will just sit in my own personal VST folder.
And I bet someone out there would like to have the source.

Oh, maybe someone could try and compile it on a mac! :shock:

Anyway, just thinking out loud here really. Thoughts? Ideas? Stern reprimands?

If you want to host your Juce code, someone here has a repository up in one of the stickies as I recall. Or I have a ton of webspace/bandwidth if needbe. Probobly be best to upload to that repository.

I thought that was more for snippets or something? That page is sort of mysterious.