Please, I need your help!

Hello everybody.

I’m here to ask you to share my source codes with me I’ve posted here long time ago. All original links to my source codes are dead. The point is that my hard drive had crashed and I’ve lost almost all my projects. Yeah, yeah, I know, regular backups save the world but my case much worse (too long to explain here). So, now I try to mold all I had from tiny specks of dust. Please, if you stored my source codes for any reasons then, let me know.

Here are the links from my posts here that contains my source codes:

I’ll be grateful to everyone for any help.

I have a:

[quote=“yosvaniscc”]I have a:[/quote]

WOW! Thank you! Could you share them with me? I’ll send you a private message here with my email.
Thank you ever so much for your responsiveness )