Forum suggestion: showcase category

I was wondering why there is no “show your work” category. I think it would be a great addition to the forum.

It would be interesting to see more examples of what can be done with JUCE and I would love to see the creations of those who participate in the forum regularly. But hardly ever do people showcase their work. Why is that?

I wonder if they are reluctant to do so precisely because there is no showcase category. I know that I’d be hesitant to start a thread just to expose something I’ve coded as it would feel out of place. But not so if there’s a category for that.

Or are there other reasons which lead people to be somewhat secretive about what they create using the framework?

(Sorry if this has been discussed already, but apart from a single suggestion three years ago to add a “Made with JUCE” category, I couldn’t find any discussion on this topic.)