FR: Allow column breaks in PopupMenu to be specified

Currently if you set maximumNumColumns >= 2 the menu items will be equally split between columns. This can be very awkward if you have items that should be logically grouped together appearing in different columns.

Rather than specifying the number of columns, please allow the column breaks to be specified.


That would be great to merge in the trunk


Please also consider a LookAndFeel method to draw a vertical separator between the columns:

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+1 for this. Please. :slight_smile:

This would be a great addition.
Pretty please

It would be very handy! Please consider adding this to juce

The commits are gone because I rebased and force pushed, but the code is still in the reFX repo.

bumpity bump

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I’ve pushed a change allowing custom column breaks in PopupMenus:


Many thanks !!

Thanks, looks like you did column separators too! :grin:

Thanks !!!